'Project HELP!'とは – What is 'Project HELP!'?


"Building Comprehensive Communicative Skills in English"



具体的には、海外留学に向けて英語能力を向上させたい大阪大学生 ”Mentee” と、その英語学習をサポートする意思のある”Mentor” (主に大阪大学への留学生。母語は英語に限りません)が1対1のマッチングの元、おおよそ3か月の期間内に8回(1回につき90分)のメンタリングを行います。メンタリングの日時や場所の設定は両者間にて調整し、また8回を期間内に行う計画も両者にて行うものとします。


メンタリングを行う前には、MenteeとMentor双方へのオリエンテーションと、ブリティッシュ・カウンシル日本の講師によるMentorの研修が行われます。そしてプロジェクトを通じて、本プロジェクト専用の”MEnTOR” システムを利用し、初回メンタリングの前およびメンタリング完了後のMenteeによる課題などの提出や、各メンタリングに関する「カルテ」作成、あわせ8回完了後のMentorとMenteeによる相互評価などを行います。


"Supporting Osaka University Students in their English Language Development"

This project is run by Osaka University’s Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE), with a support from British Council Japan, and Eiken Foundation of Japan with the aim of establishing a “Harmonized English Learning Program”.

In today’s world, global talent needs to acquire English at a proficient level to excel internationally, especially when considering study overseas. Good communicators in English need to show a good balance of all four skills, these are reading, writing, listening and speaking.

With the help of this project, English learners who are students at Osaka University will be supported in their English language development. They will meet regularly with a matched mentor, most likely an international student at the university, and together they will work on building communicative skills in English, particularly writing and speaking. Another mission of the project is to forge cross-cultural understanding for both domestic and international students. For the domestic students, this will help build confidence in their dealings with other cultures while conversing in English. For Osaka University’s international students, the project creates a space where they can work closely with Japanese students and help develop a deeper understanding of cultural nuances and at the same time make effective use of their own English abilities.

In concrete terms, the “mentees” – Osaka University students, those who are planning to study abroad and want to boost their English abilities – and the “mentors” – mainly foreign students at Osaka University who are willing to help the mentees – will be matched on a one-to-one basis. The mentoring, eight sessions over 90 minutes, will take place over a three-month period. Mentoring will take place in English and the exact date and place for the sessions to be decided between the two so as to complete the program over a predetermined timeline.

The aim of mentoring sessions is to enhance the English development of mentees thanks to the mentors’ supportive assistance. Given this, if a mentor has questions about Japan and the Japanese language, it is desirable that the mentee should try to address these things outside the mentoring hours.

Before mentoring begins, specialist instructors will hold an orientation for mentors and mentees. In addition, a professional instructor from British Council Japan will provide a valuable full-day’s training for the mentors.

Throughout this project, a specially developed system, the Multicultural English Tutorials Orientation and Rehearsal System (MEnTOR System) will support the mentors and the mentees. This is used to submit reports, create a mentoring “carte”, and enable mutual evaluation between mentors and mentees. Those mentors who complete the eight mentoring sessions and are recognized for their excellence, will be awarded an Osaka University mentor certificate issued by the CIEE.


プロジェクトの特徴 — The Projects Uniqueness

Supported by Dr. Wani,
the Osaka University mascot.
  • 株式会社アンザスインターナショナルと大阪大学による共同開発システム “MEnTOR”システムの利用
  •  An online system for mentoring, “MEnTOR” system, jointly-developed by Anzas International Co., Ltd. and Osaka University.


  • ブリティッシュ・カウンシル日本によるIELTSメンターの研修
  • Training Program for IELTS mentor, conducted by British Council Japan.

This project is run by Osaka University’s Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE).  

Those Responsible for project on behalf of Osaka University are:

  • Prof. Sachihiko Kondo
  • Associate Prof. Yuuka Kitayama
  • Assistant Prof. Ryoko Nakano

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